Setting up an affiliate website – The Concept

The concept of such a website plays a crucial role. Because there may already held a preliminary selection, whether the project is worthwhile. Three points play a particularly important role in the concept. Firstly, the concept of the website as such, this may include the presentation of the Home. A second important point of the …

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Sitelinks in Google SERP’s – Google likes motley

Sitelinks play an increasingly important role in the search results pages of Google. Anything that generates attention is good.

Sitelinks – A brief definition

Sitelinks are a collection of links to a website that will be on the search results page of a search engine. However, a webmaster cannot claim sitelinks. Google brings them or they do not. A guarantee for Sitelinks do not exist. However, site links will be happy with rather older, well-maintained websites. The links are automatically calculated based on a formula of Google. Google links here but probably prefers to busy subpages. The sitelinks are difficult to influence.

Although individual sitelinks can depreciate, but the devaluing is more to see than a suggestion of the webmaster to Google. It is not an invitation to Google. Google will not necessarily perform a devaluation. A manual suggestion of sitelinks is not possible.

Why Sitelinks are important?

The more area of the screen takes up its own website in a search, the greater the likelihood that a searcher is aware of it. For this reason, alone they are so valuable. However, they also give the seeker a good overview. He gets along faster if the site links will be displayed clearly and led to the right information.

How to get sitelinks – A Few Tips

Brands play an increasingly important role for Google. Almost all major brands or “Brands” have sitelinks. Therefore, it can be assumed that Google Sitelinks especially awards of Brands. Nevertheless, this is not only that. Since startup website already has sitelinks, but it can be assumed that other factors also are important. Besides age, a website with security is also the timeliness of the information on the website an important role.

If the website regularly maintained and serviced? If errors are corrected as quickly as possible and the site has a good OnSite Optimization? All of these issues are likely to play a role. Usually, however, the sitelinks come with a little patience and time by itself.

Image optimization for web pages with Firebug and Google Page Speed

Firebug is a great tool, which most of you probably already know. For those who do not know it, there is now a brief overview. Firebug is a plugin for the Mozilla Firefox browser. About the Firefox plugin, Firebug menu can install. Then there is a wide range of tools to webwork.

Page Speed Firebug plugin and extension

Using Firebug can for example look at the CSS files and examine individual HTML elements of the page. CSS code can be changed “on the fly” and changes you can live right in the browser. Of course, the whole thing is not saved. Therefore, you can quickly make changes in the code.To use the Google Page Speed tool with Firebug extension “Page Speed” must be installed for Firebug.

The Page Speed Tool can be seen on the Google Page Speed web page download. There you just have to download the Firefox extension, and then manually install the file in Firefox Add-On. Important for Chrome users is that Page Speed for Chrome is also available and can be downloaded from the same Web page as a Chrome extension. The extension can then invoke the browser with the “F12″ key.After installing the plugin manager of Firefox, the browser needs to be restarted once.

Thereafter, both plugins are ready for use. In the upper right corner of Firefox is found after installing the Firebug icon. If you start the plugin, opens – depending on the setting mostly at the bottom of the browser – an overview of all the features of Firebug. There is next to “HTML”, “CSS” or “script” now the “Page Speed”. It is important here that the options and evaluations of Firebug always refer to the currently open web page.If you clicking on the “Page Speed” button in the menu bar, the service is started.

Then you can by clicking on “performance analysis” to evaluate the optimization results to be started. Here everything is listed, which webmasters can improve in terms of loading speed. The red elements are critical, while the yellow elements have only medium priority. The green elements rated Google as “good”.